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Golf begins with a good grip, and with that in mind, the importance of a good grip is the fundamental keystone of a good golf swing. The grip is the only connection the golfer has with the club, so finding a comfortable grip is vital to achieve maximum playability.

Wittering has over two decades of tour experience working with golf pros including legends such as “Seve” Ballesteros and John Daly.

Meet Mick Wittering, one of the World’s Top 100 Club Fitters, who also happens to live in Thailand. Mick has over 2 decades of tour experience working with golf pros including legends such as Seve Ballesteros and John Daly.

Wittering is also the mind behind the patriotic grips that we’ve come to know of as CountryGRIPS. These great grips are decorated with flags of different coutries.

Wittering’s vast background in custom club making plus his experience and knowledge of the industry has given him the opportunity to create grips with uniqueness.

If you feel a sense of pride for your country then give these grips a try – show your devotion! The grips also incorporate a magnetic ball marker with country flag design.


Next time you are watching golf on TV keep an eye out for tour players out there such as Prayad Marksaeng from Thailand, Jani Pertilla and Janne Kaske from Finland, Brett Munson from the USA, Prayad Marksaeng from Thailand, Niall Kearney from Ireland, Paul Maddy from England, Simon Yates from Scotland plus numerous others using CountryGRIPS fitted by Wittering. It does make it easier to identify those using these grips as to which country they represent.

As well as the CountryGRIPS. Wittering can set you up with your very own custom grips by branding them for your company or event. Like Mick says, country featured grips are his priorities but there is an importance of brand awareness and providing for that market as well. For more information, you can visit:

Good old times with Seve Ballesteros.

Text by Tony Poowananon

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