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Q: How are TourMARK™ "CountryGRIPS" putter grips different?

A: CountryGRIPS putter grips have a patented grip design that includes a ball marker held in place by a magnet recessed within the grip’s end cap. With a "CountryGRIPS" grip on your putter, a ball marker is always readily accessible. It Just Makes Sense!


Q: What type of feel do "CountryGRIPS" putter grips have?

A: Customers agree "CountryGRIPS" grips are all about the great feel... combined with the patriotic look. Our grips offer golfers the convenience of an easily accessible ball marker, the latest design style, and most important, great performance. Our grips have a superior texture and a comfortable, soft tack without the “sticky” feeling so prevalent in other grips on the market. Perfect for the control and comfort that golfers desire.


Q: Do "CountryGRIPS" ball marker putter grips conform to the rules of golf?

A: Yes! The United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient (R & A) in Europe have deemed that the TourMARK™ "CountryGRIPS" putter grip design conforms to the Rules of Golf.


Q: Would I ever use the ball marker? I already have a marker that I always use.

A: Try one. You will be amazed at how convenient and functional the ball marker is. Never again will you hold up play because your ball marker has fallen out of your pocket, is stuck in the bottom of your pocket, or was left in your golf bag. Never again will you resort to sticking a tee or divot repair tool into the green as a temporary marker. Never again will you have to ask your playing partners if they have an extra marker! As long as you have your putter, you will have your marker. It’s really that simple and convenient! Based on our previous customer experience, from golfers of all skill levels, we are confident that once you try one you will never go back to a traditional style putter grip. It Just Makes Sense!


Q: Is this grip installed like every other grip?

A: Yes. We recommend that you seek professional installation if you have no previous experience installing grips. Most golf retail chains and pro shops have the ability to re-grip clubs. Contact Us here at Custom Clubmakers if you need any assistance.


Q: Have any of your customers provided testimonials or feedback?

A: Yes, we have received a great deal of consumer feedback from golfers of all skill levels. In fact, this feedback has helped to shape our product into what you see today. Everyone from scratch golfers to recreational players has had a say and tested these grips for multiple seasons. The feedback is usually brief and resembles, Wow, Awesome, Love it... you get the picture. We're confident you'll feel the same.


Q: Should I be worried about my ball marker falling off my putter grip?

A: Absolutely not! TourMARK™ "CountryGRIPS" ball marker putter grips have been tested for many years by golfers of various skill levels. The ball marker is specifically designed to fit the shape of the grip end cap to protect against ball marker dislodgement. The ball marker is held in place by a powerful rare earth magnet. This magnet is extremely strong and custom built specifically for the "CountryGRIPS" putter grip.


Q: What if I misplace my ball marker can I purchase replacements or extras?

A: Yes. With normal use, your marker should not become dislodged from its end cap storage position. However, we are aware that ball markers may be lost through other inadvertent means. Replacement ball markers are available if you contact your distributor with your requirements.


Q: Is there a proper way to remove the ball marker from the end cap storage position?

A: This one is up to you, whatever works best! From our customers’ experiences over the years, it is easiest to remove the ball marker by sliding the marker away from the end cap opening using your thumb. The marker is easily returned to the end cap storage position using the same process. This is preferred over trying to "pick" the marker off the top of the grip with your fingernail.


Q: Where can I purchase CountryGRIPS?

A: CountryGRIPS ball marker putter grips can be purchased through this website.


Q: Can I purchase iron/wood grips?

A: We have a growing range of "Swing" grips in development. Click on products at the top of our website and select 'swing grips'.


Q: I am an OEM club manufacturer. Can I purchase custom TourMARK™ "CountryGRIPS" putter grips with my logo and colors?

A: Yes! CountryGRIPS provides custom grips for OEM clients. Please inquire via our Contact Us page.


Q: Is volume pricing available?

A: Yes! Volume pricing is available. Please contact your local distributor or inquire via our Contact Us page.


Q: What if there is no dealer in my country?

A: Many dealers will ship worldwide. If you have any problems finding a dealer to supply your grip, please Contact Us here at CountryGRIPS.com.